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Introducing VGolf Leagues – Starting Wednesday 28th Feb 2024

Starting: Wednesday 28th February 2024
When: Wednesday evenings – 5pm-10pm (x 4 consecutive Wednesdays)
Entry: £30 per player buy in/and £5 per match per player
Group Size/Game: 4 players per bay / Matchplay
No. of Matches: 2
Prize: 2 hours voucher for VIP Room (worth £300)

Format Of League

The format is Matchplay… The winner of each game gets one point, a draw is half a point and the loser gets zero points.

Each player to play 8 matches over the course of 4 Wednesdays. 2 per Wednesday night (in some circumstances these matches can be arranged at other times with approval from VGOLF).

In the event of a draw, players will go into a sudden death 9 hole shootout

England golf handicap certificate required.

Winner receives 2hr VIP room (subject to availability).


Simulator Features

Swing Analysis

Golfzon’s advanced swing analysis technology provides real-time feedback on your swing mechanics, club path, angle of attack, and more. This invaluable tool helps players of all levels refine their technique and achieve consistent improvement.

Course Replication

Experience the world’s most famous courses in stunning detail. Golfzon’s simulator recreates every undulation of the greens, every bunker, and every fairway with unparalleled accuracy. Play a round at St. Andrews, Pebble Beach, or any course of your choosing, all within the confines of the simulator room.

Realistic Ball Flight

Thanks to cutting-edge camera technology and 3D graphics, Golfzon ensures that each shot you hit mirrors real-life ball flight. Wind conditions, terrain elevation, and shot trajectory are all taken into account, delivering an authentic golfing experience.

Multiplayer Capability

Golfzon’s multiplayer functionality allows you to compete with friends, colleagues, or clients in real-time, regardless of their physical location. This feature adds a new layer of social interaction and competition to your virtual golf sessions.