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Virtual golf simulators bring the experience of playing golf indoors. When it comes down to the best golf simulator on the market, Golfzon without a doubt delivers the very virtual game using cutting-edge high speed cameras and a high-definition projector to transport you onto the virtual golf course. Golfzon uses a combination of equipment and technology, expertly designed to make the experience as life-like as possible. This includes the 200 plus real life golf courses which have been virtually mapped into 3D digital courses for you to play and enjoy. Golfzon isn’t just a virtual experience, but a very tangible one. You use real golf clubs and real golf balls, standing on a moving swing plate. It’s without a doubt the closest you can get to a real life golfing experience without taking a trip out to a golf course and braving the Great British weather. 

At VGolf Brighton, we have four Golfzon simulators with the full set up, delivering the best virtual golf experience that money can buy. Yet we of course know that a night out swinging your clubs at our walls is a very different experience to a day out at your favourite golf course. This article identifies the different features where Golfzon delivers the true golfing experience and why it’s the closest to the real thing.

Capturing your swing data and bringing the results to life

Golfzon makes use of high-speed cameras and sensors positioned overhead. These cameras detect every aspect of your swing, identifying the club you’re using, the position of your swing, your weight distribution and the ball trajectory. All the data is translated into the simulator, factoring in other aspects of the game. Wind speed and gradient all contribute, affecting your shot. The end result works out how your shot would have played in real life, putting you the correct distance and position on the hole – whether a successful shot or not! You’ll receive feedback about your shot so you’ll know where you went wrong or what you did perfectly.

200 + High quality 3D golf courses available to play

Golfzon includes virtual versions of real life golf courses, all brought to life using aerial drone footage and on-the-ground mapping so you can play each hole with as much accuracy as possible. With enjoyable, high quality graphics, the virtual experience gets you as close to playing the courses yourself as possible. Even the hazards are the same so watch out for the trees and ponds. You can even experience world famous courses such as Pebble Beach, St Andrews and Kiawah Island.

Tactile experience with the angled swing plate and multi-surface matts

We all enjoy a challenge when it comes to playing golf. The swing plate brings this challenge underfoot with an eight-way hydraulic system that adjusts the floor to match the gradient of your shot on the screen. The plate has complete 360° directional movement and can replicate uphill, downhill and sidehill shots. The plate also comes with multi-surface matts which you can use when your shots end up in the rough or in the bunker. You’ll be able to practise your pitching skills at all manner of awkward angles.

Additional extras that enhance the gaming experience

While Golfzon does the best job at replicating the real life golf experience, it also comes with extra features to make it even more worthwhile. There are several different modes and play styles for you to try out with your golfing friends. The arcade mode comes with a host of fun games to really bring out the competitive side. They are perfect for breaking into the swing of things, giving you a chance to warm up before jumping straight into a round of golf. 

What’s more, you can make full use of the accurate data that the simulator’s sensors collect from your swing. With the Golfzon Driving Range, you can focus on the technical aspect of your game play. You’ll be presented with crucial information about your swing capture, including where you strike the ball, the angle of the ball trajectory, the power that your swing delivers and the clubhead speed.

Why is indoor golf worth trying?

Most people take to golf because of its social aspect. It’s an experience shared, not just a competitive sport on a professional or amateur level. Golfers rarely venture out to their club to play the back 9 on their own. It’s not just a game but a chance to spend time with friends who share the same love of the sport. You can enjoy that same social experience with indoor golf even if the wind isn’t messing up your perfect swing. Booking out a golf simulator for you and your golf buddies promises to be a fun and rewarding experience. You might not be meandering down the paths between the holes, nattering about work and life between swings. Instead, you can relax at our licenced bar and unwind with a drink in hand while you all criticise each other’s gameplay. All in good fun, of course. 

Golf simulators have that added benefit of not being ruled by the weather. You can enjoy a full game of golf with your pals without the risk of getting rained off. With the Great British weather being as it is, that’s a major benefit that you just can’t dismiss. Whatever the weather, you can get a good round of golf in. 

Golfzon also has the added benefit of delivering you real-time data about your golf swing. Virtual golf can be a great training exercise as you can get a different perspective on your game style. There are many benefits to giving indoor golf a try.

Compare the experience for yourself at VGolf

Want to give playing golf in an entirely new way a go? Booking a slot with one of our golf simulators is super straight-forward. We have an online booking system which you can use here. 

Want to make an event out of the experience? We have an exclusive VIP room for larger parties. Inside, you and your guests have full use of a golf simulator as well as other games for you to enjoy including pool, table tennis and table football. If you’re looking for inspiration for a corporate event, look no further. You can find out more by giving us a call on 01273 057521 or drop us a line by emailing on

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