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Nailing your swing takes plenty of trial and error. Even if you’ve been playing for years, there could still be areas of improvement that you’re missing. Constructive feedback from trainers is an option to help perfect your swing, yet sometimes all it takes is taking a step back and looking at your swing for yourself. Golf Simulators capture live data about your swing as you play, giving you those insights in real-time so you can make adjustments as you play, improving as you play. At VGolf, our Golfzon simulators have cutting-edge features that analyse your swing in detail, including your grip, your footing, your weight-distribution and your precision. Even if you miss-hit a few shots, you learn where you went wrong and can perfect your next swing.

We are firm believers that our Golfzon simulators provide the very best experience for improving many aspects of your game. And you don’t have to worry about the weather while you pick up improvements.

Practising your swing whatever the weather

The major perk of our indoor golf simulators is that your round can’t ever be rained off. Getting caught out in a sudden downpour sinks anyone’s spirits when half-way through a round. You can enjoy a round at any of our 200+ virtual courses, completely dry and in a relaxed setting with a choice of refreshments at your disposal. While part of the fun of golf is the outdoor setting and the walks around the course, that can also be its downfall – especially when you have the Great British weather to contend with.

Simulate different conditions

Our golf simulators are equipped with the full Golfzon experience including their moving swing plate. Adjust your swing to different gradients, simulating the course as realistically as possible. If you want to practise adapting to windy conditions, our virtual golf simulates the impact high winds will have on your wing, teaching you to adapt to every scenario.

Our simulators also come with mixed terrain so you can practise pitching out of bunkers, chipping out of a difficult spot and putting on the green.

Review data about your swing

The high-speed motion capture cameras detect your swing from multiple data points. With Golfzon’s sensor technology, you can trace the club movement while you swing and where you impact the ball. The technology works out the rest – the speed, the power, the angle, the spin and, most importantly, the distance. You can then access all this data immediately, criticising your swing if the ball didn’t land where you wanted. All this information is fed back instantly so you aren’t left guessing.

Training for beginners

Want to take up golf but are nervous about going straight into a game without practice? Golf simulators are the best place to learn the basics using one of the training programmes. Make mistakes? No problem – you aren’t going to have to worry about fishing for your golf balls. Our golf simulators have a handy ball retrieval system so you don’t have to chase after wayward balls that have gotten lost in the rough.

Golf simulators are perfect for golfers at all experience levels. Don’t feel like you’ll be left in the dirt while your friends and family race ahead on the scorecard. You can practise in a fun environment, picking up feedback from each shot and while learning the game.

Practice makes perfect

Golf simulators are ideal for honing your skills as you can get a lot more practice in the time you have. You can line up as many swings and drives as you like. Golfzon has its own driving range mode so if you’re looking to up the power in your drives, you can send as many golf balls out at our virtual screen as you like. Just swing and shoot – let the simulator take care of the rest.

As with most sports, golf is all about practice and golf simulators give you the freedom to practise whatever the weather. Just book a slot with the simulator and all that time can be yours to fill as you want – whether you just want to practise and perfect your swing or enjoy a round with your golfing buddies.

Mix up your clubs

Need to get a feel for a new set of clubs? Feel free to bring your gear along with you to our golf simulators. You can adapt and practise your swings on our moving pitch, switching up your game style to suit the situation. If you’re new to golf and wish to practise each shot before you go out on a course, feel free to set up a round on one of our 200+ virtual courses. Our virtual golf software comes with handy tips and advice on how to get each shot perfect. If you make mistakes, there’s no harm done. It’s all part of the learning curve.

Train together in a group

Our golf simulators can be enjoyed in groups up to eight. It’s a fantastic experience for any golf fan, especially a group of them. Get in the competitive spirit of the game and swing out for a friendly virtual tournament. After a more relaxed experience? Our VIP room gives you exclusive, private access to your own golf simulator so you can enjoy the game at night whatever the weather. Whether golf is a hobby, something you want to take seriously or just something you want to give a try, our golf simulators will suit whatever use you require – no caddy needed.

Not just a gimmick

All in all, golf simulators can actually bring benefits to your gameplay in general. It’s the closest you can get to the game without being out on the course. What’s more, the cutting edge technology gives you accurate feedback that you’d miss out on while going around the course. Real-time analysis gives you that competitive edge, information that you can easily apply to your swing when you’re out at your favourite course and club.

How to book for a slot with a golf simulator

Booking at VGolf is super easy with our online booking system. Just head here and book for your slot. If you’d like to arrange for a corporate event, we can definitely sort that out for you. For large groups, we can arrange for a full venue hire so you can make use of all our golf simulators. You’ll need to give us a call so we can look into our availability for you. Call us on 01273 057521.

If you’d like to find out more about virtual golf and how it can help your game, feel free to ask us any questions using our contact form.

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