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Indoor golf has taken off over the last few years with the introduction of virtual golf simulators that make use of high-speed cameras, sensors and high-definition projectors. Golf isn’t the only sport embracing simulators as a training tool with racing simulators among others being rapidly adopted as part of training to hone skills needed for the sport at a professional level. But golf simulators aren’t just for training and improving your swing. After all, golf is a game to be played and enjoyed. With virtual golf, you’re open to a whole new way to experience the game and what’s more, you can make a night out of it with friends and colleagues at our venue. If you’ve got a hankering for the course but the weather’s getting in the way, book up for a slot at VGolf and enjoy one of the 200 virtual courses available to play. 

Since we’ve been set up in Brighton, we are seeing more and more businesses use our facilities as part of corporate events. Virtual golf is a great choice for companies and clients to liaise informally over a game of golf – and some drinks too. We’ve got a fully licenced bar at our venue. Businesses can also hire out our VIP room for team-building events and work socials.

Introducing Two-Vision Golfzon Simulators

By far the most realistic golf experience, Golfzon revolutionises the virtual game and stands as the leader in the market when it comes to cutting-edge golf simulators. The top product in their selection, Two-Vision makes use of high-speed cameras and sensors that pick up every aspect of your swing as you tee-off. With two sensors positioned above, Two-Vision captures accurate data which can be used in-game to provide live feedback about your swing while also realistically tracking the trajectory of your ball in the simulator. 

Golfzon’s user experience is perfect for every level of player, whether a professional, a golf enthusiast or a beginning looking to practice off-course. The software itself delivers real golf courses in beautiful high-quality graphics. You won’t be sending balls down a pixelated landscape. Golfzon’s gameplay is realistic and beautiful with over 200 courses lovingly rendered into a 3D virtual world that emulates the locations perfectly from the landscape to the weather. You’ll even be able to experience the hazards in detail as well with forests and lakes all part of the deal. 

Golfzon offers a range of game modes and challenges to suit every preference, from casual rounds with friends to competitive tournaments and skill-based mini-games. Whether you’re looking to practice your putting, improve your driving accuracy, or simply enjoy a leisurely round of golf, Golfzon has something for everyone. 

But the best take-away from Golfzon is the hardware. We’ve also outfitted our golf simulators with Golfzon’s auto-tee system and ball retrieval. It never gets old to watch the ball that you’ve just sent off into virtual space to be delivered right back to the striking matt, delivered on its tee. You don’t even have the inconvenience of setting the ball on the tee yourself. The striking platform is an ingenious addition to the experience with built-in hydraulics to tilt the platform to simulator the gradients of your shots as well as the surface you’re striking from. You can practise your uphill, downhill and sideways slanting shots as well as from a flat putting green. The only thing we don’t simulate is the weather!

Practice and play all year around, whatever the weather

The Great British weather certainly likes to interfere when we finally have some time off to enjoy a spot of golf. No matter how much you love golf, playing in the rain isn’t an enjoyable experience. Finding the time to get in a round of golf ends up being a challenge to fit around work, restricting your time to the weekends and evenings. During the winter especially when the hours of sunshine and ideal golf conditions are even fewer, even less time is spent playing the sport you enjoy. That’s what makes virtual golf a revelation as no matter what’s going on outside with the weather, you don’t have to change your plans. Our venue is open all week, open from 10AM to 10PM. All you need to do is book a slot, bring along your clubs, and you can enjoy a round at any of our choice of courses. And you can have a drink or two while you play.

Training and improving your game style

Practice makes perfect. Even more so if you’re getting live feedback on your swing as you play. On top of accurately mapping out your shots using information gathered from your swing as you strike the ball, Golfzon delivers all the useful data about your swing so you can see where you’re going wrong. Golf simulators are a staple for any golf professional, giving them the freedom to practice their swing from the comforts of their home while benefiting from accurate stats to use when improving their swing style for different shot types. At VGolf, you can benefit from the same data, improving your own performance with the best simulator on the market.

Enjoy the spirit of competition with friends and colleagues

Virtual golf is an experience to be shared. Up to six players can play, making mini-tournaments a fun choice of activity for friends and workmates to enjoy after a tough day in the office. Our golf simulators are a top choice for nights out in Brighton Marine Village, perfect for birthdays – whatever the age. Whether you want to spice up a night on the town with something different or want to unwind with a spot of golf between mates, virtual golf promises to be a top choice for golf enthusiasts and rookies looking to improve. 

Golfzon does also come with some great arcade game modes so it doesn’t have to be all about coming up on top of the scorecard. Check out what our golf simulators have to offer and enjoy some beers as the balls start flying.

Book a slot and try out the virtual golf experience

Want to experience this game changer yourself? Booking couldn’t be easier with our online system. Choose your time, how many players, and how many hours then pay online. Then all you have to do is show up with your clubs and we’ll help you to get started. Our bar serves a choice of beers and beverages so you can relax and enjoy the experience in a different setting that your average golf course. 

Looking to hire for a larger group. We have choices for corporate events and large parties – including our VIP room. If you’d like to find out more about what we can offer, give us a call on 01273 057521.

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