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Social nights out benefit your employees in the long-run, fostering great business relationships and boosting camaraderie. Organising corporate events once a quarter does much to help build a great team as colleagues get to unwind and get to know each other outside the corporate setting. Team building is after all essential for any successful business. At VGolf, we have facilities to cater for small social gatherings for a group of executives or even for a large event for the full team. Whatever purpose you have in mind, we have the games and activities that promise a night to remember and one that will be the subject of conversation over coffee for a while!

There are of course different types of corporate events. You could be inviting potential clients out for the night to talk business over a round of golf. Perhaps your marketing team is about to launch a new product and wish to celebrate in style? Golf simulators also provide a great venue for team-building within smaller departments. Here are some of the reasons why we believe virtual golf is a good choice as a corporate event, whoever is on the guestlist.

Share in a common interest

Starting a new business relationship? Finding a common interest that’s outside the meeting room will make things much more natural moving forwards. Introducing a common interest in a corporate event can only improve your cohesion. It does mean that things may get a little competitive if you’re avid golf players. Some friendly competition can never hurt and if there is some fun to be had only the way, the experience can only end up being positive as a result.

Not everyone has to be into their golf to enjoy the virtual golf experience. Some might even catch the bug and build a new interest as a result.

Get to know your team

New managers can use virtual golf as a perfect way to get to know their team. It’s a good way to see your team in a different environment and you can learn much more about the sort of team players they are while they participate in a team game. There’s a lot to be had in discovering different people’s strengths and weaknesses during a golf game. You might end up learning a lot more about them than their swing.

Our golf simulators at VGolf come with their own sitting area so when it’s not your shot, you can relax and have a drink. Our VIP room comes with its own golf simulator so if you want to plan a social night with your team, you can turn the event into a games night. We have ping pong, table football and a pool table so everyone’s entertained throughout the night.

Create content for the social calendar

When it comes down to social media, variety is essential. Corporate events give you something to talk about on your social platforms, whether you’re visible on instagram or Facebook. Share your enthusiasm for team building and social activities while also capturing interest. We’re more than happy for you to snap photos of you and the team because your content helps us too. The more coverage the better – and fun social posts always get the most engagement.

Build and improve social relationships in the workplace

A round or two with a golf simulator will allow colleagues to interact, learn and engage with an activity outside the office or workplace. Even if some of a team aren’t as golf savvy as others, those more experienced can help out and teach those willing to learn how to play. Sharing the experience can only improve the social dynamics in the team. At VGolf, we make sure that the experience is as relaxed and enjoyable as possible. There’s no pressure to become the next Tiger Woods. We have a host of play modes that are suited to team challenges that are akin to your traditional team building activities. Spice in a little competition and things soon get heated up.

Get Motivated

Build team morale with a motivational day to get the spark of inspiration back in the office. Sometimes, we just need to let off a little steam and golf simulators can provide that outlet. Encourage your team to use our driving range mode and just give it their all, swinging away to their hearts’ content. Foster a bit of competitiveness and see who can drive their ball the furthest. If you want to treat your team to a fun day out, our VIP room is the best bet as we can host large groups. You can have your choice of drinks stocked up ready for you and your team. Unwind and help your team to destress with a fun night of virtual golf.

Corporate Events at VGolf Brighton

Our world-class golf simulators provide the best indoor golfing experience. Experiencing our virtual technology with high-speed cameras, our moving pitch mat and choice of over 200+ golf courses will leave many with something to chat about. We host many corporate events at our venue, from small gatherings to large groups where the whole team can get involved. At VGolf, we have more on offer with our augmented reality darts and shuffle lanes also available for use. You can hire out our venue for a proper social event that will be the highlight of the calendar.

We have a fully licenced bar so you’ll be able to relax and unwind with your team. Share in the experience and come away with a stronger team. Whether you want to impress new clients or have a good catch up with business associates, virtual golf promises to be a memorable experience for golf-lovers and novices alike. What’s more, as we’re indoors, there’s no risk of the event being rained off. Something that definitely shouldn’t be taken for granted in the UK!

Want to book for a corporate event or want to know more?

If you’re in the Brighton area, you can feel free to drop in and chat to us about what we can offer your corporate event. We’re more than happy to oblige your needs so if you’d like to hire out our full venue, we can make this work. For big groups, give us a call or make a visit. You can reach us on 01273 057521.

For small groups up to 6, you can book online. Booking is super straight-forward and you can start here.

Interested in booking our VIP room? You can book for up to 16 people online as well. Our VIP room comes with its own golf simulator along with a pool table, table tennis and table football.

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