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Looking for something a new experience for you and your employees to try as a social event? Virtual golf events are a great reward for your team at the end of a long quarter to show them how much you value all their hard work. Corporate events at our VGolf venue promise to give a boost to morale within your team as our golf simulators offer a fantastic virtual experience whatever the weather. Whether you’re all golfing enthusiasts or not, virtual golf events elevate the game to a different level with cutting-edge simulator technology. Tee off against your employees and get into the competitive spirit on a level playing field. Job titles don’t matter when you’re all names on the same virtual scorecard. 

Virtual golf events can also be used as a platform for you to meet and socialise with clients and shareholders. An alternative to a corporate golf event, virtual golf events have a different vibe and energy. It’s informal and recreational, focusing on having fun and building stronger relationships with your competitors. What’s more, at our venue especially, you can unwind with a couple of drinks while you discuss your business between shots.

What is a virtual golf event?

Virtual golf events are a shared, group experience where all invited can take part in a virtual golf competition. Using golf simulators, you can play a full game of golf together using real golf clubs and golf balls. The physical aspect of the game is real while the course is virtual. At VGolf, we can host a virtual golf event in our VIP room for large groups to enjoy the virtual golf experience. 

Our Golfzon Golf simulators are the best golf simulators on the market. Used all around the world, in venues like ours and also at home, golf simulators get you as close to the game as you can possibly get without venturing out to a golf course or driving range. You can experience over 200 real golf courses including world famous locations such as Pebble Beach and St Andrews. Using high-speed cameras and sensors, the simulator gathers real time data about your swing and shot. You can then whack your ball as far as you can down the virtual fairway and see how your swing fares against your employees’.

What are the benefits for treating employees to a virtual golf event?

There are a number of benefits for choosing a virtual golf event as a work social. Here are the top seven.

1. Encourage Better Work Relations

Social events on a corporate calendar provide the perfect setting and opportunity for employees to interact with their colleagues, managers and executives outside of the office. The company hierarchy doesn’t apply while off the clock, even if it’s the company’s money paying for the event. Being able to get to know each other outside of the workplace helps encourage communication. Seeing each other in a different light improves relationships on a whole and gives you plenty of talking points when you cross paths back in the office.

2. Team Building

Golf can be a team sport. Playing together allows employees to share in the same experience, helping and encouraging each other to succeed and play well. Whether you’re the rookie player in the group or the expert, you have a part to play in the activity. Our Golf Simulators also have arcade games as well as virtual courses to keep you all entertained. A bit of competition can also improve how you work as a team.

3. Reduce Stress

Arranging for a night out for your team can help reduce stress. Virtual golf gives the ideal chance to let off some steam, especially the driving range mode. Spending some time outside of the workplace, doing something unrelated to what you’ve all been stressing over, helps you to unwind and let loose.

4. Personal Skill Development

Giving your colleagues a chance to try something different improves their skills in the long run. Maybe golf isn’t exactly a skill that will help the job, but personal development is essential for anyone’s success. Learning or improving golf skills can be a fun and challenging experience. Employees may appreciate the chance to improve their skills in a relaxed setting.

5. Reward and Recognition

Taking your team out on a corporate event gives a general boost to their overall self-esteem. As a reward for hard work and dedication, a night out with virtual golf helps your colleagues to feel validated and appreciated. Positive reinforcement will only improve the morale in the office. Sports and activities like virtual golf are a great way to show your team that you value their work and want to treat them to a rewarding experience.

6. Encourage Work-Life Balance

It’s important to promote a healthy culture in your workplace. Encouraging a strong work/life divide helps to encourage a positive mental outlook on how work functions in each of your employees lives. Having recreational events planned for your team to enjoy together contributes to having more interactions outside of the workplace. You can also find a hobby in golf through the experience which you could end up picking up with a fellow colleague at the weekend. Socialising outside of work is all about maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

7. Create Memorable Experiences

Shared experiences create lasting memories. Employees are likely to remember and appreciate the enjoyable moments from a virtual golf event. You can use the event to your advantage, posting pictures and sharing the team outing across your social media for engagement. It looks great for your brand to show that you and your team know how to have a good time. Fostering positive relationships on a social platform online and offline further builds on the relationships between your team members.

How to book a virtual golf event for your business

Interested in hiring a golf simulator for a corporate event? Our VIP room offers a perfect venue for you and your team to enjoy a night outside the office. Coming with its own golf simulator, our VIP room also comes with a drinks service so you can preorder beers and bubbly ready for you to enjoy when you all arrive. Relax and unwind before things start to get too competitive. 

Want to make a real event of things? You can hire our full venue out including our games room and golf simulators. In addition to virtual golf, you can also enjoy our shuffle lanes and AR dartboards. We also have a fully licenced bar on the premises. 

Want to find out more? Give us a call on 01273 057521. You can also book for small groups online here.

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