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With virtual golf, you can tee-off with your mates while without having to worry about the Great British weather impacting your game. Indoor golf simulators combine cutting-edge high-speed cameras, interactive game modes, a full immersive game experience to improve your swing and style while also providing a fun experience. At VGolf Brighton, we believe in providing the very best virtual golf experience. That’s why we have four Golfzon simulators with the full interactive set-up so you can enjoy the pinnacle of virtual golf. We have made sure we have all the bells and whistles – including the added extra of seating and refreshments.

We’re really excited to share why we believe Golfzon is the best and why it’s the most popular golf simulator available around the world. Having consistently won the Golf Digest Reader’s Choice Award for golf simulator, it’s safe to say that it still takes the trophy as the best in the world.

Real-time feedback

Golfzon’s high-speed camera sensors are hyper-accurate, picking up your swing down to the minute details including your grip, your angle, your weight-distribution and the power. All this information is relayed back in real time, not only being used in the simulation itself but also provides feedback on your gameplay which you can make use of while you play. For golfers new to the game, Golfzon is intuitive and will give tips on how to improve your swing. Experienced to the game? The real time feedback provides information at a different perspective and will play back your swing so you can trouble shoot your game style.

The simulator will deliver feedback on the following:

  • Distance
  • Carry
  • Launch Angle
  • Ball Speed
  • Distance Left (To Target)
  • Side Variance
  • Azimuth
  • Side Spin
  • Back Spin
  • Face Angle
  • Head Speed

Swing plate

Golfzon makes use of a tilting swing plate that adjusts to the course gradient so to provide the most realistic experience. The hydraulic swing plate has 260 degrees of directional movements to mimic shots that you take uphill, downhill and to the side. The swing plate also has multiple surfaces to emulate hitting from the fairway, rough and bunker. We have the full set-up at VGolf including the auto-tee and ball retrieval system. Once you send your ball flying, you don’t have to run after it. The system delivers your ball right to the tee, ready for you to drive it back down towards the green.

Over 200 courses to choose from

Golfvon promises a stunning visual experience with 200+ golf courses from around the world lovingly rendered into virtual space. You can tee-off at world famous locations such as Pebble Beach and St Andrews. There are also multiple modes to enjoy so if you want to change the rhythm, we have arcade modes such as golf darts and whack a mole. Want to practice before you start a full 18 hole? Golfzon has driving range software that helps you focus on the more technical aspect of your game, providing accurate data on your swing.

Best visual experience on the market

The software’s graphics bring you as close to the real thing as possible. Enjoy your choice of course in high-definition with 3D graphics that lets you experience all the challenges of every hole from wherever your shot lands. Every golf course has been mapped out in incredible detail, using photography and drone video to capture the full course. All this is then translated into 3D data, adding in topographical details to bring the course to life. Everything is included – trees, rocks, water hazards – just not the rain!

The UI overlay provides all the data you need for your next wing, including wind speeds to anticipate, the distance to the hole and a mini map to give you a bird’s eye view of the hole. You’ll have all the information you need, all on display on our projector screen.

Virtually join other golfers around the world

Compete against the pros in online tournaments. There is a whole Golfzon community were many play in amateur and much more competitive tournaments with real prizes. 63 countries around the world have players taking to the game with over 7000 Golfzon locations to sign up. There are even 2 sites in Antarctica. All you have to do is sign in and join a tournament. You’ll receive your results and you can compare your scorecard against the pros in the tournament.

Enjoy the best virtual golf experience in the world

Really into your golf and fed up with being so dependent on the weather. Our indoor venue eliminated that problem completely. You can play whatever the weather. But if you do enjoy the challenge of adapting your swing and style to the winds, Golfzon can factor in any extreme weather to make things harder. Golfzon is available to buy for home use, but you don’t need to hook out thousands to enjoy a virtual golf experience. Golf simulators are becoming vastly popular and are a fantastic choice to unwind with friends or as an idea as a corporate event.

Golfzon is quickly becoming a global sensation with over 3.2 million Golfzon members around the world. You can become one at VGolf and enjoy the indoor experience at our venue. It’s not all about the game here, it’s about the experience. Our licenced bar is fully stocked so you can unwind between holes with a beer and stoke your competitive spirit. If you’re interested at booking a slot with one of our golf simulators, you can book online here.

We also have a fantastic VIP room suited for corporate events if you want to impress your clients and colleagues with your handicap. The room also comes with your own pool table, table footable and table tennis. If you want refreshment while you play a round of virtual golf, let us know in advance and we’ll make sure you have bottles of bubbly ready to go to toast the winner. You can find out more about corporate events here.

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